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Hi! I'm Pteriforever and this is the website for
my game, XirrelaiRPG. There's lots more coming -- I'm open to
ideas at the moment
. Just to clear things up, I scrapped the idea of
cleaning up the controls due to technical difficulties.

XirrelaiRPG is a turn-based, top-down 2D roguelike made
in GM7.

1.4.0 has some pretty big changes. CHANGELOG:


-- I've implemented Esnipplee's hunger mod, plus a few more items to flesh it out. Still only a few food items, though.

-- Trees. No real reason, just thought it would be neat.

-- Now you can get any of the five artifacts. Previously, due to some typos, there was a 3/5 chance of getting any of three specific artifacts and otherwise nothing.

-- The doubled-over HP/MP bars will now display properly if HP/MP < 48 but MAXHP/MAXMP > 48.

-- Tile generation on the surfact no longer has a 1/24 chance of making the stairs invisible. I have no idea why this went undetected for so long.


-- Blue blobs no longer automatically die. They did in 1.3.1 because "if HP < 0" somehow became "if 0 < 1"

-- Rainbow Fire Dodecahedron's MP cost now works. Using it for free pretty much broke the game.

-- Items can no longer get stuck in walls. They might oddly traverse walls, but at least they won't get stuck.

-- Fixed up the death message for the malevolent mushroom. It used to be simply a "malevolent" in the death message.

-- I've made the window a bit wider so that item names won't get cut off so much.

-- Overflow MP now displays correctly.

-- The ultimate fearie no longer has its 80 blob minions, doesn't appear on an icy area, and is properly obscured by LoS-fog.

-- Mushrooms shouldn't jump out of nowhere anymore.

-- Stairs no longer appear in front of enemies. This had no impact on gameplay but looked a little strange. It was just something to do with depth.


-- HP now works properly. In earlier versions, enemies would die if their current HP < 1, but given the non-integral HP/MP values since 1.1.3, this would resut in enemies dying still with postive HP. Now they will only die if their HP < 0. This means that enemies are now negligibly tougher by a single point, but if this causes balance issues I'll fix it. Freeze bombs have had their HP reduced to 0 to prevent them from having a chance at surviving their Ice Fog blasts.
-- Espi Lightning Ray now has a different effect; its damage scales depending on your current MP, so it's super awesome with high MP.
-- The Master Necromancer will continue to spawn until killed -- Previously, it would only spawn once and if you left the level the Master Necromancer was on it would be lost forever.
-- Zombies now spawn normally; They are now rare enemies in the third area.
-- Zombies will sometimes groan, notifying you of their presence. Similarly, the two boss enemies will sometimes laugh maniacally.
-- FINALLY! The combat problem of enemies blocking your movement has been solved; Enemies now take their turns one frame after you. Moving on consecutive frames is fine, as enemies will have their turn before you have your second turn. I think. Resting certainly works ok, so I'm assuming nothing weird will happen.
-- The version number the game is displayed as when you win the game has been updated -- For some reason it hasn't since 1.1.2. Probably because I'm lazy and/or forgetful and/or rushing to get each version out.
-- Stat modifiers are constantly updated. This will allow for stat-changing items later on.
-- The purple potion (max HP/MP modifying) is back as an uncommon drop from blue blobs.
-- The HP/MP bars now will continue working up to 96 points, as opposed to 48 points from earlier. I, Pteriforever, think that exceeding the new limit is almost impossible.


-- Fourth area is now properly dark. I must've messed something up in 1.2.1 or 1.2.0 or something.
-- Ranged weapons have recieved a +2 upgrade to range.
-- Ranged-type spells have recieved a +4 upgrade to range. Energy Beam in particular no longer sucks.
-- Energy Beam now has the same MP cost for everyone -- It previously cost the player 2 points and the enemy 3 points, which was unintended and quite bizarre.
-- Five artifacts! You can get one off of a unique boss enemy. Each can only occur once, and each artifact has a special power.
-- One new enemy, in addition to the unique boss.
-- The font is now 10-point FangSong.


-- Freeze bombs are slower but chase you from a longer distance.
-- Combat has been returned to how it was pre-1.1.3.
-- The message you get when you try to cast Orb but can't due to lack of MP has been changed; It was a bit funny due to the non-integral MP values.
-- You can now use the spacebar to rest.
-- Blobs' movement is no longer biased towards the bottom right hand corner.
-- Blue blobs are now much slower.


-- Holes can no longer occur in the map boundary; This was possible if you went down stairs that were too close to the left of the screen(or up stairs too close to the right).
-- Enemy types now have ID numbers assigned to them, much the way items do. This will help with making exception rules for artefact weapons later on.
-- Ramped up enemy spawn rates in the third and fourth areas by 2x and 4x respectively, because the difficulty curve was too shallow. Watch out, adventurers!

-- Levels are now PROPERLY randomized.
-- Goodbye sucky stairs sprite.
-- Rearranged the source.
-- Changed the level order.
-- Removed the pesky unique items.


-- The HP/MP now regenerates constantly rather than in blocks, because the variables that control them no longer need to be integers.
-- There's been a change the the way the game handles combat; Malevolent Mushrooms and the like won't stop you from moving sideways as much.
-- Inventory overhaul. I don't see why I didn't think of this before; the previous one sucked bad.


-- HP and MP regeneration has been changed. Previously, you would regenerate a single HP/MP at a time, while now you regenerate between 1/21 and 1/6 of your maximum HP/MP at a time, based on your con/wis modifier.
-- A turn counter has been added.
-- XP potions have been strengthened.


-- The ultimate fearie now creates downstairs correctly on death.
-- P-values have been removed for now -- They were playing up and healing the player.


--Fixed opening and ending text.
--You can no longer use the numpad to move diagonally. You can still move diagonally by moving two directions at exactly the same moment. This was because you could jump out of the play area.
--A small modification has been made to the river level.
--The ultimate fearie's summoning attack is now less powerful.
--MP now works off of WIS rather than INT.


--Fixed ultimate fearie's summoning attack. --Fixed the magma in the ultimate fearie level. previously it was covered by LoS-fog while the rest of the level wasn't. --Fixed the item that appears in the big level. It was either metal armour, a cube gun, or a shiny sword, but due to the way it was created it didn't exist in your inventory. --Added the LoS fog to more places --Reduced LoS distance --Fixed help file 1.0.0: First release.